How to Achieve Learning through Volunteering?

Updated: Feb 20

“Local and International Active Seniors” has developed the training course "Learning through Volunteering" for adult people over the age of 50, that aimed to prepare them to get involved in volunteering experiences at local level and/or at transnational level.

This training course aimed to increase self-confidence, create new social networks and develop the ability to be active through volunteering as a learning experience that could improve transversal skills and raise awareness of 50+ participants’ needs to continue learning. The course alternated work sessions in the group and at a distance independently, preparing participants for the experience of voluntary work, local or international.

It is time, now, to share the results of this experimentation, with a review of the partners’ implementation as well as the new activities implemented in each country.

The report is available below with all its translations in all partners’ languages. In each language can be found, if it is the case, the new additional material created, adapted to the country. Enjoy your reading !

Download the reports:


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