LIAS trainings in Pau

Pistes-Solidaires organized between April and June the experimentation of the two training contents, one for the Seniors willing to volunteer, the other one for the organizations hosting or willing to host them.

The first workshop was set from April 16th to April 18th gathered 8 Seniors, coming from the region New-Aquitaine (from Bordeaux to Pau). They thought about their own motivations for volunteers, what was the kind of volunteering missions they were willing to do and also had the time to deepen their knowledge on what were the skills needed according to their needs. The activities covered all the training modules and they were very interested in the project. Following this period, they all did local volunteering. Additionally, 4 of them went abroad for a two weeks volunteering, in Rome (Italy) and in Olsztyn (Poland).

The second training was set on June 3rd and 4th and gathered three organizations hosting or willing to host volunteers, such as the Accorderie Pau-Béarn. This was the opportunity to extend their own knowledge of the stakes of volunteering, and to acquire new tools to work with the Seniors. During these two days of training, we could see the powerful impact that can have such trainings to promote senior volunteering.


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