Training for Organisations on how to organize and to promote seniors’ voluntary work

Updated: Feb 25

“Local and International Active Seniors” developed a training course for local organisations promoting Senior Volunteering on how to organize and to promote seniors’ voluntary work.

This training, corresponding to the third intellectual output, aimed to prepare the organisations to get involved with volunteering experiences at local level and/or at transnational level.

During the first phase of the project, a training programme (IO1) was created to build the capacity of partner organisations and, through transferability, other organisations, that have tested the product during the Training for Trainers (held in Italy, where the trainers had received training in the delivery of the tools.

The tools were put into practice during the local training courses for organisations. These tools are aimed to empower the organisations forward a positive integration of the senior volunteers who, even if for a short period of time become an integral part of the life of the organisations themselves.

The report is available below with all its translations in all partners’ languages. In each language can be found, if it is the case, the new additional material created, adapted to the country.

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