Trainings in Portugal

In the Associação Mais Cidadania we hosted two Active Seniors trainings this February. The first one was the training about volunteering management for the NGOs. During the training the different representatives of the NGOs learned more about the project of Active Seniors and some expressed interest in participating and hosting local or international volunteers. We spent two days diving into the topics such as how to prepare to host a volunteer,what do they expect from them, what is the role of the organization in the process of the integration of the volunteer and more about the tools and strategies in integrating volunteers as well as how to integrate experience and individuality of each volunteer. Trough the training we got to know the different organisations and see what kind of profiles of volunteers would fit them better.

In the training for the Senior volunteers that lasted one week from 25th of February until 1st of March we talked about volunteering on local and international level, what do they expect from volunteering and from the organizations, the integration into organization and the team, what is their role, what kind of obstacles can they encounter in their volunteering experience and how to adapt, about the cultural shock and preparation for international volunteering.

At the end, after spending quality time with all the participants and sharing ideas about their expectations and experiences, they got the chance to choose what they would prefer to do next and prepare for the next steps of their volunteering experience. After the training the volunteers had individual meetings with the trainers to identify which placement would fit them better as individuals.

Both trainings were successful, the participants were very happy with the interactive approach and new knowledge received. Many of them met with non-formal education for the first time and saw its potential to be used in their own presentations and trainings. Some of them were not aware of the projects like this and were happily surprised when presented with different possibilities of local and international volunteering. We made new connections for the future and will be happy to collaborate with the NGOs and the volunteers in the future.


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